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More than 100 million pairs of high-end athletic shoes around the world share a performance enhancer: TenCate CFRT® (continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic) composite materials. Strategically utilized to enhance footwear performance for more than 25 years, TenCate CFRT® composites deliver reduced weight while increasing biomechanical stability. The result? An athletic shoe that compliments an athlete's strength and enhances performance.

Tunable to specific flexibility needs, TenCate CFRT® composite materials are ideal for footwear engineering, allowing designers to tailor the range of foot motion through fiber replacement, resin selection, and component design. Similar to a continuous bridge, TenCate CFRT® materials provide engineered strength throughout your design.


TenCate CFRT® Footwear Brochure

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TenCate Cetex® thermoplastics brochure

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TenCate Cetex® TL-2100 CFRT®

TenCate Cetex® TL-2100 is a Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic (CFRT®) composite laminate with carbon fiber and modified PMMA resin. TL-2100’s custom-designed weave provides high strength carbon fiber in the longitudinal direction of an orthotic.

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